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I was traveling last summer and stopped in to see the Kamloops Innovation Centre, or (KIC). The centre cranks out start-ups, which is inspiring in itself but is even more poignant  when witnessed. You should witness their version of business incubation too.
Kamloops Innovation Centre

I have often thought that we, in Ec Dev, are not hands on enough with local start-ups, in fact, we can, at times, focus on the business plan writing aspects of business development. The KIC, even though it is not really their mandate, has done a pitch-perfect job of the business development aspects of municipal economic development, for the city of Kamloops, and the region.

There is a  real “get to work” type melody that resounds through  KIC, and by the time I was back in Manitoba,  I had designed a few projects in the same key, per se. With the underutilized sections of our office and a few supporting collaborative projects, my crew and I, stepped up the beat within the parameters of a regional economic development office and got to work with some business incubation ourselves.

18 months later we had 26 entrepreneurs working with us…

And thank-you Dr. Lincoln Smith,  and KIC crew,  for carrying such a great tune.  Keep whistling while you work.

This is how it worked out for us at PRED:

Project Sprout:
“Getting Students Business Ready”
Project Sprout Will Help Grow Young Entrepreneurs
Co-work Space:
PRED Offering “Co-Work” Space To Entrepreneurs

Douglas Barill